PE Gloves Types

Plastic is a very big range. There are many kinds of plastics available and many of them can be used to manufacture disposable gloves. The plastic includes polyethylene (PE), Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), latex, and nitrile.

Polyethylene, also called poly or PE, is a cheap plastic material used to produce disposable plastic gloves. It is the most used material by Chinese plastic gloves manufacturers.

Poly Gloves

When people say poly gloves or plastic gloves, they mean PE Gloves. In nowadays, the main types of PE Gloves in the market are:

  • HDPE Gloves
  • CPE Gloves
  • TPE Gloves

We are going to write about these three types of PE gloves in this article. You will be able to know their pros and cons.

No matter you are a consumer or you have a disposable plastic gloves business, you will find this useful for you.

1. HDPE Gloves

This is the cheapeast kind of plastic gloves in market. The weight per glove can be 0.5g to 1.2g.

If you are looking for cheap plastic gloves for food service or cleaning, HDPE gloves are your best choice.

The production of HDPE gloves is quite basic but it is important to have good engineers to achieve good quality products.

Since the HDPE gloves are used for food service, they should be produced in a clean workshop with no dust and hairs, etc. Workers should be sanitized before they can work on the production line.

2. CPE Gloves

CPE gloves are also made with PE material but its production process is different from that of HDPE gloves.

HDPE gloves are produced from a blown film roll. While CPE gloves are produced from casting film roll.

casting film for cpe gloves
Casting Film For CPE Gloves

CPE gloves film is normally 22 micron. The casting film is much thicker than the traditional plastic glove blown film. And CPE film has very deep embossing on the surface. Its thickness can reach 100 microns after the emboss (even thicker than PVC and nitrile gloves). All these contribute to the strength of CPE gloves.

CPE gloves are specially designed for long time wearing in food processing factories.

3. TPE Gloves

TPE gloves are 2nd generation CPE gloves. It is also called C2 gloves or C2 PE gloves.

Its production process is same with CPE gloves but using different material.

Common production material is TPE, LDPE, LLDPE, and MLLDPE. Sometimes SEBS, TPR, TPV, POE, POF, EVA are used instead of TPE.

TPE gloves have better elongation and tensile strength. These advantages make TPE gloves good alternative for nitrile and PVC gloves.


Which is cheapest among HDPE Gloves, CPE Gloves and TPE Gloves?

HDPE gloves have the lowest price among all poly gloves

Are CPE Gloves manufactured from blown film?

No. CPE gloves are made from casting film.

Why CPE Gloves are more expensive than HDPE Gloves even though they use same material?

CPE gloves are thickner and its production costs more power.

Why TPE gloves are more expensive than CPE gloves?

Because CPE gloves’ material is cheaper.